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Electricity & Electronics 

This ten-part series provides a comprehensive video guide to the study of  electronics, ranging from the fundamental laws and principles of electricity at the atomic level to troubleshooting  and repair of electronic components. Lively computer animation and handson  demonstrations make these videos an ideal resource for the classroom.  Ten 18- to 24-minute videos. © 2006. . Available Worldwide.  

Electrical Principles Electrical Principles

Introduces the basics of electricity. Computer  animation adds interest and excitement as the video comes to life in its coverage of atoms, conductors, insulators, free electrons,  voltage, current, resistance, magnetism, attraction-repulsion, electromagnets, a simple circuit, and other electrical principles. Ideal for courses in electricity, physics, science, automotive, and technology. $79.95 • DVD: MYY35393-K 

Electronic Components, Part I: Semiconductors, Transistors, and Diodes 

Computer animation is used to make basic electronic components come to life in this very informative training video. The principles of semiconductor materials, transistor operation, transistor construction, transistor types, diodes, and other basic electronic components are  illustrated with very interesting experiments and computer animation. This is a “must have” for  courses in electronics, electricity, motor controls, technology, air conditioning, auto mechanics, physics, science, etc.  $79.95 • DVD: MYY35398-K

Electrical Circuits: Ohm’s Law

This video uses 3-D animation and live action to make basic electrical circuits come  to life. The properties of series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits are easy to grasp when you can see the electrons flow through each circuit leg in each circuit type. Ohm’s Law is illustrated with animated pie charts and basic calculations that isolate each section of the circuit. A must for introductory  electricity-electronics, auto mechanics, and technology courses. $79.95 • DVD: MYY35394-K

Electronic Components, Part II: Operation—Transistors and Diodes

This animated video continues the study of  electronics by expanding upon transistors, diodes, and other components. Transistor testing procedures show the methods used to check the operation of certain transistors along with more detailed information on the operation and applications of FETs, MOSCFETs, SCRs, and unijunction transistors. $79.95 • DVD: MYY35399-K

Electrical Components, Part I: Resistors, Batteries, and Switches 

Fixed resistors, variable resistors, ballast resistors, batteries, and various types of switches are explained in this program. Computer animation, component cutaways, and lab experiments are used to demonstrate how these basic components function. This is an informative video that will strengthen your curriculum. It is ideal for  classes in electricity-electronics, technology, auto mechanics, and other technical areas. $79.95 • DVD: MYY35395-K

Electronic Components, Part III: Thyristors, Piezo Crystals, Solar Cells, and Fiber Optics 

This animated video continues the study of  electronic components by demonstrating the construction and operation of thyristors, hall-effect chips, piezo crystals, light emitting diodes, photoresistors, solar cells, fiber optics, photodiodes, phototransistors, liquid crystal displays, etc.$79.95 • DVD: MYY35400-K

Electrical Components, Part II: Capacitors, Fuses, Flashers, and Coils

Capacitors, fuses, fuse links, circuit breakers, flashers, coils, and other devices are discussed in this training tape. Computer animation, component cutaways, and lab experiments are used to demonstrate how these basic components are constructed and how they operate. This is a must-see for all students of electricity-electronics, technology courses, auto mechanics, and many other subject areas that involve electricity and electronics. $79.95 • DVD: MYY35396-K 

Electrical Troubleshooting 

Students learn to use a systematic approach  to locate electrical problems: know the circuit, isolate the problem, test components, fix the problem, and retest the circuit. Viewers also learn about  common problems found in resistors, capacitors, relays, circuit breakers, motors, and other components. $79.95 • DVD: MYY35401-K

Electrical Components, Part III: Transformers, Relays,  and Motors

Transformers, relays, and motors are detailed in this training video. Computer animation,  component cutaways, and lab experiments are used to demonstrate how basic components are constructed and operate. This is an essential training program for all students of electricity-electronics, technology courses, auto mechanics, and many other subject areas that involve electricity and electronics. $79.95 • DVD: MYY35397-K

Electronic Circuit Repair- 

Viewers learn “tricks of the trade” for finding and correcting electronic faults. Clear and precise examples show how to evaluate permanent, intermittent, parameter, and logic faults. Reseating  circuit boards, power supply testing, transistor testing, and IC diagnosis tips are also shown. $79.95 • DVD: MYY35402-K

Residential Electrical Wiring 

Construction, renovation, rehabbing… 

To succeed in today’s housing market, electricians need to know how to do it all!

That’s where this outstanding eight-part  series comes in.

Filled with information on installing, upgrading, and updating residential electrical service, it walks students through all the major processes they’ll need to know.

Correlates to the National Center for Construction Education and Research standards. 

Eight 16- to 21-minute videos an teacher’s guides. © 2004. . Available Worldwide.

The Service Entrance

Starting with the service entrance,  this video addresses buried versus aerial service, calculating amperage and choosing cable, and connecting the meter base to the panel. A well-grounded  understanding of electrical work starts here. $89.95 • DVD: MYY33755-K



Ground-fault and arc-fault circuit interrupters offer the peace of mind that homeowners want—and the life-saving protection that building codes require. After explaining where GFCIs and AFCIs must be used, this video illustrates how to wire GFCI receptacles, GFCI circuit breakers, and  AFCIs and then how to test them. $89.95 • DVD: MYY32074-K 


This video focuses on the main  electrical panel, the power center of the home. It explains how to  properly mount and connect cables, balance the load, work with circuit breakers and fuses,  and install sub-panels.$89.95 • DVD: MYY33756-K 

Receptacles and Switches

Receptacles and switches bring a house to life. What kinds are there? How many should go in each room? Where exactly should they be placed? And what’s the best way to wire them? This video answers these and  other questions as it demonstrates receptacle and  switch installation.$89.95 • DVD: MYY32075-K

Wiring Methods

This video covers the general installation of electrical conduits and  wires and aspects of wiring particular to new construction and older homes. Pulling cable on a construction site and setting up  a structured wiring system are emphasized. Tips on how to make sense of older wiring methods are  also included, as well as approaches to routing wires on rehab and renovation jobs. $89.95 • DVD: MYY32072-K

Wiring Light Fixtures

Good lighting can flood a room with brightness or dim things down  to create a relaxing mood—all with the touch of a switch. This program addresses the ins and outs of installing and controlling incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Recessed and exterior lighting are also discussed, as are ceiling fans. $89.95 • DVD: MYY32076-K


What exactly needs to be grounded in a house, and how is it done? That’s what this video explains  as it demonstrates how to install a low-resistance panel-to-earth grounding system. Other surge and  lightning protection devices are also discussed, and tips on testing systems for functionality and safety are included. $89.95 • DVD: MYY32073-K

Wiring for Appliances

Hardwiring doesn’t have to be hard. This video looks at some of the most frequently encountered appliances that get wired right into a house’s electrical system: electric wall heaters, electric stoves, garbage disposals, dishwashers, thermostats, garage door openers, water heaters, and  electric dryers. $89.95 • DVD: MYY32077-K

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