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Driving Tactics 
Keep Your Drivers Focused on Safety -  
with Help from NASCAR Rookie of the Year David Reutimann! 
  •  Reinforce your lessons with guidance from a NASCAR celebrity.

  •  Make defensive driving your students’ first concern. 

  •  Help students move from basic to advanced driving techniques with clear, step-by-step visuals.

  • Demonstrate that safe and fun driving can go together!

A drive to the mall should never be a  race—but it does require mental alertness, physical coordination, and respect for every other driver on the road. NASCAR Rookie of the Year David Reutimann shares his expertise in all those areas as host of this dynamic, highly informative three-part series. A strong foundation for safety oriented  driving education, Reutimann’s guidance emphasizes  that driving can be a fun, positive experience; that it is a privilege, not a right; and that the most important  piece of driving equipment is between the ears. 

Correlates to National Health Education Standards: Achieving Health Literacy; Joint Committee for National School Health Education and the American Cancer Society; and National Educational Technology Standards.

Three 20-minute videos and viewable/printable teacher’s guides. © 2005. . Available Worldwide.

Basic Driving Tactics

Can you operate 3,000 pounds of heavy machinery powered by continuous explosions? You must be able to, if you want to drive a car. David Reutimann explains the basics of automobile control in this video, guiding students from their first time behind the wheel to the essentials of driving and parking on public streets.  Highlighting mental as well as physical preparation, the program covers starting up, accelerating, braking, shifting, steering, turning, and all the steps that go into safely handling a vehicle. Students will also learn the fundamental rules of the road, including how to read signs, signals, and surface markings. $59.95 • DVD: MYY34605-K

Advanced Driving Tactics

Going beyond basic training, this video takes driving students into the real world—where road conditions are not always favorable. David Reutimann examines a wide range of environments containing potential driving hazards, including tunnels, bridges, mountain roads, rough or uneven terrain, and harsh weather. Featuring detailed procedures for coping with rain, snow, icy surfaces, wind, fog, and extreme heat, the program also describes how to recover from skids, hydroplaning, and fishtailing; how to safely and correctly change a flat tire; the best strategies for driving at night; the ABS syste m;  and the importance of routine maintenance and insurance.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY34606-K

Defensive Driving

What’s the most important factor to consider when driving? Visibility? Engine performance? No—it’s other drivers. In this  video, David Reutimann focuses on defensive driving, the cornerstone of safe vehicle operation. Underscoring the danger of making assump-tions when behind the wheel, the program stresses preparing for the worst possible events and circumstances, and illustrates three solid principles of defensive driving: Give Yourself Space, Anticipate, and Know Your Options. Issues concerning drunk driving, tailgating, finding escape routes out of dangerous situations, and proper behavior at the scene of an accident are also covered.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY34607-K 

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