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Woodworking Bench Reference

When something works well, you build on it—like the way this illustrated bench reference builds on Shopware’s popular Woodworking Poster Set. Filled with extra facts, helpful hints, and  guides and scaled  down to 8.5” x 11” for individual use at the workbench, the Woodworking Bench Reference will help students “get it right the first time.”

All pages of the Woodworking Bench Reference have a dry-erase finish, so you and your students can  write on them. Using a dry-erase marker, jot specs and project-specific directions in the space marked Project Notes—or anyplace else that’s helpful. Just wipe them clean when you’re done and use them again and again.

Also, each bench reference is bound by a simple binder ring, to keep individual pages from getting lost and to give you something convenient to hang them by. Hook individual sets to the corner of each workbench, or store multiple sets on a pegboard.

Help your students gain the confidence that comes with working on their own. Provide each one of them with the Woodworking Bench  Reference so that technique tips and safety reminders are always within reach.

Topics include:

  • Saws and Saw Cuts

  • Decorative Edges and Surfaces

  • Cylinders • Planing and Chiseling

  • Hinges • Rabbet and Dado Joints

  • Lap Joints • Miter Joints

  • Mortise and Tenon Joints

  • Dovetail Joints

Correlates to the National Life Work Standards. One 10-page (double-sided) bench reference. © 2006. Available Worldwide.

$69.95 • Bench Reference: MYY35403

Best Value— SAVE over $129!

For best effect, pair up the Woodworking Bench Reference with the Woodworking Poster Set!


Woodworking Tools


Show your students the correct way to use power tools—with Woodworking Tools

Power tools are like sports cars: high performance, but dangerous in the wrong hands. Show your students the safe way to run them all with this no-nonsense 16-part series. Used as an introduction or as a refresher, each video demonstrates correct operation and maintenance. Changing blades, cutters, bits, and other parts is also illustrated, where applicable. Increase the value of your woodshop video library with Woodworking Tools. 

Correlates to competency standards for core curriculum and carpentry from the National Center for Construction Education & Research. Sixteen 12- to 22-minute videos and viewable/printable teacher’s guides. © 2006. . Available Worldwide. nn Video Clip Online




Table Saws
This video covers both cabinet and portable table saws—the tools of choice when a circular saw just won’t cut it. 

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35530-K

Help your students get in the groove. This video introduces the router through tablemounted and freehand applications. 

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35534-K

Cutoff Saws
Also known as miter saws, cutoff saws will crosscut long stock, cut picture frame molding, fit crown molding, and quickly cut multiple boards to the same length. This video compares straight, compound, and sliding compound models.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35531-K

Jointers and biscuit jointers are becoming a common sight in woodshops. This video takes a look at both of these important tools.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35535-K

Radial Arm Saws
A radial arm saw may just be the most versatile power tool in the shop—and also the most hazardous. This video thoroughly acquaints viewers with it. 

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35532-K 

If radial arm saws are the most hazardous power tools in the shop, planers are probably the safest. This video shows how to work with them.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35536-K 

Band Saws and Scroll Saws
Whenever a project throws you a curve, it’s time to turn on the band saw or scroll saw. This video features both.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35533-K

Spindle-turning, furniture-making, shaping 
round- or disk-shaped pieces of wood— lathes can do it all. This video examines how. 

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35537-K

Power Nailers
This video nails the subject of nailers with information on four types: pneumatic, cordless electric, cordless impulse, and power-actuated. 

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35538-K

Drill Presses
When pinpoint accuracy counts, the drill press is the tool of choice. This video highlights both floor and benchtop styles.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35539-K

Drills and Drivers
This video takes a close-up look at cordless and corded drills and drivers, those indispensable sidearms of the building trades.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35540-K

Stationary Sanders
This video explains how to make quick 
work of the biggest chore in the shop with stationary sanders.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35541-K

Circular Saws 
The circular saw is one of the most widely used portable power tools at construction sites. This video spotlights direct-drive and worm-drive models.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35542-K

Jigsaws and Reciprocating Saws
A reciprocating saw is a workhorse; a jigsaw is a precision instrument. This video shows how to put this dynamic duo to work.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35543-K

Rotary Tools, Bench Grinders, and Sharpeners
For carving fine details or honing an edge, rotary tools, bench grinders, and sharpeners are a must. This video deals with them all.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35544-K

Building a Workcenter 
It’s a multifunctional tool stand, a workbench, and a sawhorse all in one! This video profiles the portable workcenter, an indispensable item that’s equally useful in the shop and on the construction site.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35545-K

Woodworking:The Art and the Craft

Imagine having a master craftsman as a teacher’s aide, always ready to talk to your class or to tutor one-on-one. That’s what this 15-part series is like! Each video focuses on essential techniques students must master to skillfully complete a wide range  of projects. And because safety’s always job one, background on the careful and appropriate use of the hand and power tools involved is also included. “Can I see that again?” Let Woodworking: The Art and the Craft assist you!

Correlates to the National Life Work Standards. Fifteen 9- to 17-minute videos and teacher’s guides. © 2005. . Available Worldwide.

Basic Methods of Measuring and Cutting
After reviewing the English and metric measurement 
systems, this video demonstrates how to measure and mark lumber and then cut with handsaws and portable power saws.
$59.95 • DVD: MYY31971-K


Creating Biscuit and Dowel Joints
Biscuit and dowel joints are not only strong - they’re invisible, too. This video shows students
how to engineer this pair of useful joints.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY3197-K

Ripping and Crosscutting
When it comes to woodworking projects, standard plank and beam lengths usually won’t cut it. This video shows students the professional way to rip and crosscut with smooth precision.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31972-K

Creating Rabbet Joints
This video takes a close look at rabbet joints: the right times to use them, the correct way to lay them out, and how to cut, smooth, and assemble them.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31978-K

Sawing and Shaping
This video explains the effect of cutting speed on wood finish and how to transfer patterns. Also, the use of sliding compound miter saws, scroll saws, and routers is demonstrated.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31973-K

Creating Dado Joints
This video illustrates how to lay out, cut, and hide dado joints. Rabbet-and-dado joints are also covered, and cutting dadoes with power tools is demonstrated.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31981-K

Methods of Cutting Circles and Curves 
When it comes to sawing through wood, straight cuts are only the beginning. This video shows students the ins and outs of cutting circles and curves.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31974-K

Creating Miter Joints
From door molding and baseboards to picture frames and birdhouse roofs, miter joints are everywhere. This video shows students how to construct this simple yet elegant carpentry joint.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31982-K

Until the day that wood comes perfectly flat and square from the lumberyard, there will be planing. This video shows students how to plane surface and end grains to perfection.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31975-K

Creating Mortise-and-Tenon Joints
The time-tested mortise-and-tenon is arguably the strongest joint in woodworking. This video shows students how to go about crafting it. 

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31983-K

Working with Nails and Screws
This video demonstrates how to drive and remove nails like a pro while explaining how to work with wood screws—from pre-drilling, to countersinking and plugging, to increasingtheir holding power.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31976-K

Creating Dovetail Joints and Casework

What in carpentry can match the beauty of dovetail joints in a well-made piece of furniture?  This video shows students how to cut and assemble dovetails into strong and attractive casework.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31984-K

Gluing and Clamping
For times when nails and screws won’t do, there’s glue. This video shows students how to join wood using glue and a variety of clamps..

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31977-K

Finishing Techniques
This video illustrates how to prepare wood for finishing and then apply stains, clear sealers, and paints and enamels.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31985-K

This video focuses on the skill of sanding, with an emphasis on square corners and small pieces. Making sanding jigs for drill presses and disc sanders is also covered.

$59.95 • DVD: MYY31978-K

SAVE $100! when you buy the series $799.95 • DVD: MYY31970-K



Woodworking Posters

Which saw should I use? What’s a dovetail joint look like?  What’s the trick to getting hinges to work right? Let these

eye-catching posters show your students how to use the tools of the trade as they hone their carpentry skills! © 2004. Available Worldwide.

Correlates to the National Life Work Standards. 

Complete 10-poster set includes:

  • Saws and Saw Cuts

  • Decorative Edges and Surfaces

  • Cylinders

  • Planing and Chiseling

  • Hinges

  • Rabbet and Dado Joints

  • Lap Joints

  • Miter Joints

  • Mortise and Tenon Joints

  • Dovetail Joints


  • Ten posters 

  • Size: 17" x 32"

  • Color photo

MYY32815-PO-UL (Unlaminated) ..........$59.95

MYY32815-PO-LA (Laminated) ..............$69.95


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