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Integrating Media into the Classroom

In this informative two-part series, educators and media specialists with firsthand experience of the challenges and rewards of integrating media into the classroom share their in-depth knowledge. They address how to use technology to improve lectures and presentations, create a more constructivist learning atmosphere, increase student understanding and retention, and motivate  students to learn as never before. A facilitator’s guide is included.

Correlates to National Education Technology Standards for Teachers from the International Society of Technology Education.

Chris Statuette, Columbus International Film & Video Festival “It gives teachers the kind of advice that can insure their success.”—Educational Media Reviews Online

Two 30-minute videos and viewable/printable teacher’s guides, plus a workbook. © 2005. . Available Worldwide. 

Integrating Media into the Classroom: Theory and Research

“To be able to integrate as many of the multiple intelligences as possible  into a single codified approach is extremely powerful and beneficial,” says media theoretician Lou Fournier Marzeles. In  this program, he and other experts review the history of educational media and then clearly state the case for media as a powerful—and highly effective—classroom tool. Program segments include “History and Context,” “Supporting Research,” “Delivery Modes and Methods,” “What Media Can Do for My Students,” and “The Future of Media in the Classroom.”

$49.95 • DVD: MYY34583-K

Integrating Media into the Classroom: Practice and Case Studies

In this program, media specialists and instructors demonstrate how educators are tapping into the power of media to improve teaching and enhance learning. Drawing on their direct experience,  they offer practical advice, tips, and examples to show how to use media to support instructional strategies, develop ideas on teaching, and engage students. Program segments include “Why Use  Media,” “Choosing Media,” “Preparing Media for the Classroom,” “During and After,” and “Case Studies.” $49.95 • DVD: MYY34584-K


SAVE $15! when you buy the series $84.95 • DVD: MYY34582-K

Conducting Parent-Teacher Conferences: A Partnership in Progress

To run a successful parent-teacher conference, educators need a wide range of skills at their disposal—and a healthy supply of confidence. This video builds both, providing solutions to the problems and frustrations that many teachers face when interacting with parents and guardians. The program explores step-by-step preparation strategies— including specific knowledge and data to have at hand, the best ways to introduce topics of concern and personalized feedback, and the communication and conflict-resolution skills needed to work effectively with parents. In-depth role-playing illustrates positive and negative ways in which a conference might play out and det ils the most compelling methods for conveying a student’s academic, social, and emotional progress. Interviews with teachers and parents reinforce essential concepts and highlight real-world challenges and rewards surrounding this vital part of education. A workbook designed especially forProfessional Development workshop coordinators—containing video viewing instructions, a pos t-viewing discussion guide, and skill-buildingexercises—is also included.

Correlates to National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

One 24-minute video and workbook. © 2007. . Available Worldwide.

$89.95 • DVD: MYY35995-K

Integrating ESL Students into the Classroom

By viewing Integrating ESL Students, classroom teachers of any subject will come away with concrete information and advice that they can use to teach—and reach—their English-language learners (ELLs) better. Practicality and relevance guide the program as it reviews basic ESL standards and strategies, gives examples of how to incorporate these techniques into teaching  various subject areas, suggests ways to assist ELLs in mastering English in social and community settings, and addresses the use of technology in helping ELLs improve their understanding and expand their knowledge. Multiply the power of this program!  Workshop it with the accompanying facilitator’s workbook. It contains suggested topics for discussion, exercises for participants to practice skills or explore ideas on their own, and more. Award-winning psychologist Kenneth Shore, Ph.D.—an author of six books on students’  special needs and a recognized advocate of inclusiveness in the classroom—consulted in the making of this program.

Correlates to national standards from the Center for Applied Linguistics and TESOL.

One 22-minute video and facilitator’s workbook. © 2007. . Available Worldwide.

$99.95 • DVD: MYY35996-K


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