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Career Clusters Posters
Based on 16 broad career categories established by the U.S. Department of Education, these eye-catching posters feature images from within each Career Cluster, as well as a helpful summary of the kinds of people drawn to that field—the ideal  organizing tool for teachers, counselors, and parents in helping students identify their interests and goals for the future. Sixteen 17" x 22" posters. © 2003. Available Worldwide. 

Correlates to the National Career Development Guidelines from the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee.

MYY30796-PO-UL (Unlaminated) ...........$99.95

MYY30796-PO-LA (Laminated).............$119.95

Six Steps to Getting the Job You Want Book

Getting a job today is a challenge, but the good news is that there are jobs out there. Excellent jobs. Your challenge  is to find these jobs, compete for them, and win the prize! That’s precisely what the book Six Steps to Getting the Job You Want will do— help you win the prize. Step One covers Setting Career Goals, and  Step Two, Assessing Your Strengths. Step Three covers Preparing Your  Resume and includes a special section on career portfolios. Step Four, Searching for Opportunities, includes thorough information on using the Internet in your job search, and Step Five covers Selling Yourself at  the Interview. Step Six is Following Up After Your Interview. Six Steps to Getting the Job You Want uses checklists, worksheets, and sample letters and resumes. Internet job listings,  Internet job search sites, and sample interview questions are also included. One 150-page softcover book. © 2005. Available Worldwide. $25.95 • Book: MYY34568-BK

The Ex-Offender’s Career Job Search Companion:Getting a Good Job Despite Your Record

Includes advice on resumes and cover letters, winning  interviews, networking, dealing with the really difficult  questions unique to the parolee, negotiating salaries, dealing with references, and a host of other job search essentials are covered. Exercises and do-it-yourself forms designed to reinforce materials help the ex-offender execute an effective and successful job search campaign. One 68-page workbook. © 2005. Available Worldwide. $11.95 • One Book: MYY34216-W $109.95 • Ten Books: MYY34269-W

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