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How to Conduct Research Posters/DVD's

Great papers and projects start with great research. This six part set will show your students how it’s done. It’ll walk them through each stage of the process as it helps them discover for themselves the excitement of meaningful research. Hotbutton  topics like plagiarism, visual literacy, and propaganda are covered too.

© 2004. Available Worldwide.

Correlates to the National Education Standards for English Language Arts and Reading, Social Studies, and Writing.

Complete set includes:

  • Create a Research Plan

  • Go to the Library

  • Search the Internet

  • Ask Experts

  • Evaluate Your Information

  • Record Your Research


  • Six posters

  • Size: 17" x 22"

  • Color illustrations

MYY32847-PO-UL (Unlaminated)...............$39.95

MYY32847-PO-LA (Laminated) ..................$44.95

Log On for Success: Using Internet Job Sites

Show your students how to find great jobs fast—with the Internet. This video will tell them everything they need to know to start blazing an electronic path to outstanding career opportunities. It covers how to find and then  effectively search mega-job sites, industry- or profession-specific sites, and individual company sites; how to prepare Web-ready and E-mail-compatible resumes and cover letters; how to fill out online questionnaires; and  how to save, organize, and keep track of what’s been posted and sent. The video also clues viewers  in to what information not to post, like social security numbers, so bad guys won’t be able to scam them. In an Information Age job market, success begins  with a click!

Correlates to the career standards from the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee.

One 19-minute video and viewable/printable teacher’s guide. © 2004. Available Worldwide.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY33359-K 


Information Literacy: The Perils of Online Research 

In a world of information overload, information literacy has become a survival skill. But what exactly does information literacy mean? With a focus on the Internet, this video explains how to conduct solid online research by collecting information in an organized, efficient, and ethical way. Professor Maurita Holland of the University of Michigan School of Information provides expert commentary and guidance on a range of research activities, including evaluating the  credibility of Web content, documenting online sources, and paraphrasing—not copying—the words of others. Additionally, a high school teacher  and a graduate student  demonstrate real-world examples to reinforce the challenges and rewards of online research. The  consequences of plagiarism and shaky facts are emphasized. A viewable printable teacher’s guide is available at

Correlates to all applicable national and state standards.

One 24-minute video. © 2006. . Available Worldwide.

$89.95 • DVD: MYY35675-K

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