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Battling Eating Disorders  
Anorexia and other eating disorders exert a frightening degree of control over millions of teenagers, especially young women. Manifested in so-called “Pro-Ana” websites, which actively promote anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating, the mental and physical grip of these sicknesses can prove impossible to break. This program represents a powerful weapon in the battle against eating disorders,  pinpointing their origins in body image and self-esteem issues, illustrating their grim consequences in crystal-clear terms, and offering students, parents, teachers, and counselors a rich source of information and support. Hosted by
The Sopranos’ Jamie-Lynn Sigler, herself a survivor of teenage anorexia, the video explains how to recognize eating disorders, how friends and loved ones should communicate their fears and concerns, and how those who suffer from these often fatal illnesses can find professional help. Special emphasis is placed on identifying anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating as actual diseases, not as misguided lifestyle choices—a realization necessary for effective treatment. 

Correlates to National Health Education Standards: Achieving Health Literacy and state standards.
One 29-minute video and viewable/printable teacher’s guide. © 2006.
$69.95 • DVD: MYY35200-K

Fetal Alcohol Exposure: Changing the Future 
How are fetal alcohol spectrum disorders diagnosed? What are the primary and secondary disabilities associated with FASD? And—most important of all—what is the human cost? This program addresses these questions through the firsthand experiences of Ann Streissguth, director of the University of Washingto n’s Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit; Kathy Mitchell, vice president of NOFAS; Erica Lara, who works at a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility designed especially for women with young children; and Erica Gitis-Miles, a college student who has FASD. The in utero effects of alcohol are considered as well, as are the facial, bodily, neurological, cognitive, and behavioral characteristics of FASD.

Recommended for grades 9+. 2006 FREDDIE Award Winner
One 31-minute video. © 2006.
. Available Worldwide. 

149.95 • DVD: MYY34864-KS

Recognizing Child Abuse
Kids who grow up facing brutality and neglect are lucky if a teacher or daycare provider catches on. Tragically, child abuse often goes unnoticed—and if a first-responder does detect it, he or she may not understand what measures must be taken. This program spells out the Four Rs of child abuse—the harsh Reality of its presence in our society, the Results it leads to, the many ways to Recognize it, and the proper channels for Reporting it. Each of these concepts is explained through eye-opening dramatizations and supported by interviews with education and child welfare experts. By following the  program’s clearly
illustrated steps to awareness and action, viewers will become better equipped to recognize and intervene in cases of neglect and abuse while there’s still time to help. 
One 23-minute video and viewable/printable workbook. © 2007.
.Available Worldwide.

$79.95 • DVD: MYY35674-K

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