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Your students are not just building houses, they are building homes. These videos combine clearly depicted step-by-step instructions with concise explanations to help students master the skills of home construction—whether assessing the job, putting it on paper, laying the foundation, or putting on the final touches. 

In addition to detailed skill-based instruction, students will learn about:

Correlates to the Competencies and Objectives of the National Center for Construction Education & Research.

Design and Planning

Whether it’s a country cottage or a Tudor mansion, it all begins on the drawing board. This program will show students how homes get built on paper, what kinds of considerations drive many of the decisions and choices, and how to read the blueprints.$69.95 • DVD: MYY31948-K  

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36035-K 

Introduction to Framing

Framing is the fundamental building block inmany aspects of home construction. This program will detail the basics of many framing applications, including layout terms and principles, construction techniques, and standard framing plans.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31952-K 

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36039-

Alternative Framing Techniques

Alternative framing techniques can reduce structural lumber requirements and costs, as well as offer design improvements, such as  openings in steel-frame studs that allow for the running of plumbing or electrical systems.  This video looks at some of the more popular industry options in terms of materials and construction plans.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31956-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36043-K

Construction Estimating: Industry Standards

How much siding will you need for a medium- sized house? How much lumber will it take? In this program, students will learn a number of industry-standard techniques used to calculate the amounts of building materials for many common construction projects.$69.95 • DVD: MYY31949-K  

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36036-K

Floor and Wall Framing

This video instructs students on the how-to of floor and wall framing. Topics include girders and studs, installing sills, installing floor joists and sub-flooring, constructing shoes and plates, assembling exterior house walls, erecting exterior house walls, and constructing interior partitions.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31953-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36040-K

Wall and Roof Sheathing

Sheathing provides a nailing base for siding and roof covering. This program examines various sheathing materials, such as plywood composites, particleboard, and shiplap, and illustrates their installation.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31957-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36044-K

Location and Excavating: Site Preparation

Where a house is going to be built can be just as important as how it’s designed. This informative video looks at considerations that go into choosing a structure’s location, as well as that first big step on-site: breaking ground.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31950-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36037-K

Ceiling and Roof Framing

Spans, hip and valley rafters, purlins, ceiling joists, and planking—all these and more are covered in this video which takes students step-by-step through the process of literally putting a roof over your head.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31954-K 

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36041-

Frames: Doors and Windows

This program covers all aspects of window and doorframe construction, including the installation of sills and flashing.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY3195 8-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36045-K 


Every house begins with a foundation, but you’ll need to determine what kind. This program  explains the three types of foundations— basement foundation, crawl space  foundation, and slab-on-grade—and uses a full basement foundation in a seasonal climate to illustrate basic techniques and concerns, including the use of footings, building forms, load-bearing values of the soil, and methods for pouring and curing concrete.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31951-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36038-

Framing for Rough-ins

Partitions and walls containing plumbing  pipes or heating ducts often need to be  constructed differently in order to safely accommodate these systems and meet building codes. This program details a number of  common industry techniques used in these situations, including accompanying electrical considerations.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31955-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36042-

Thermal Insulation and Vapor Barriers

For economic reasons as well as comfort,  insulation is a key component to any home construction project. This program covers the essentials about weatherstripping, loose fill insulation, rigid insulation, R-values of insulation efficiency, installation of vapor barriers, and estimating materials for the job.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31959-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36046-


Ventilation is an integral component of  building design. This program will show students proper procedures for the installation of vent flashing and various types of ventilation ports.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31960-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36047-K


Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish

Today’s builder has many options when it comes to walls and ceilings—this video looks at some of the most popular, including drywall materials, such as gypsum wallboard, plywood, particleboard, and solid wood paneling, as well as plaster and cement board.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31961-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36048-K

Interior Doors, Frame, and Trim

This video highlights the methods and materials for installing doors; fitting trim around openings; and fitting trim at intersections of walls, floors, and ceilings.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31962-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36049-K


Plumbing: Rough-in and Final

This program looks at plumbing in its two construction phases: rough-in, or initial installation, and final. Details of water systems and drainage, waste, and venting (DWV) systems are examined, as well as tools commonly used.$69.95 • DVD: MYY31963-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36050-K

Electrical: Rough-in and Final

In this video, students will learn how to install cables, wires, boxes, and devices to control current flow, such as switches, outlets, and circuit breakers. Particular attention is paid to safety and the standards of the National Electrical Code.$69.95 • DVD: MYY31964-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36051-K

Mechanicals: Rough-in and Final

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) comprise one of the major systems to be installed in a house. This video will guide students through application guidelines and installation of many of these components, such as furnaces, warm-air perimeter systems, air exchangers, and central air conditioning.$69.95 • DVD: MYY31965-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36052-

Flooring Coverings

From wood to tiling to wall-to-wall carpeting,  you could say this video gets down to brass tacks on how you can cover the floors in your house.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31966-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36053-K

Roofing, Siding, and Finishing

In this video, students will find out many of  the ways to apply the finishing touches by roofing and siding the house, as well as cabinetry, stairs, and exterior and interior painting.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY31967-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36054-K

CAD Fundamentals - CDROM

Today, when just about anyone in the manufacturing or industrial world wants to design something, they turn to CAD. And when you want to introduce your students to CAD, you’ll turn to this helpful,  highly interactive CD-ROM. Fun to use and packed with real “nuts and bolts” knowledge, this program presents the fundamentals of Computer Aided Design, including its history, underlying key concepts of all CAD programs, and a look at which industries use CAD and why it’s so vital. Through interactive multimedia tutorials, questions, and exercises, your  students will gain exposure to basic CAD  capabilities, including:

  •  lines and their functions

  •  scale

  •  symbols and annotations

  •  views

  •  dimensioning

Students can also learn about skills they’ll  need for a successful career in CAD. The program contains a glossary of terms, a convenient  index, and a printable PDF teacher’s  guide. Networkable.

Correlates to International Society for Technology in Education & National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). 

One Windows/Macintosh hybrid CD-ROM and printable teacher’s guide. © 2005. Available Worldwide. 

$99.95 • CD-ROM: MYY33356-R

Blueprint Fundamentals: Interpreting Symbols and Specs

Blueprint symbols and specs are like a secret code. Use this straightforward CD-ROM to show your students how to decipher it. Blueprint Fundamentals starts off with the basics—how blueprints are made and used and general elements like scales, views, lines, and dimensions— to lay a solid foundation of technical information. After that, learners are introduced to the details of specialized construction, manufacturing, and machining drawings. Each topic is reinforced with practical exercises and activities. In addition, animated segments showing how flat drawings turn into 3-D buildings and products will help students develop the ability to visualize finished products while they’re still on the drawing board. A feedback-giving multiple-choice quiz, an interactive index, and a glossary are included. And for learners who want to put their knowledge of blueprints to work, career opportunities are described for architects, building contractors,  electricians, plumbers, manufacturers, and machinists. Networkable.

Correlates to International Society for  Technology in Education standards.

One Windows/Macintosh hybrid CD-ROM and printable teacher’s guide. © 2005. Available Worldwide.

$99.95 • CD-ROM: MYY33381-R


Residential Carpentry Framing

Whether working with floor, wall, ceiling, or roof framing,  viewers get a first-hand look at construction procedures, safety issues, and proper tools. A clear explanation of each step provides in-depth information while viewers watch actual carpenters do the work. “Notes” are given throughout offering tips and safety warnings. Four 9- to 12-minute videos. © 1998. Available Worldwide.

Wall Framing $59.95 • DVD: MYY26201-KS   Bilingual Version • $59.95 • MYY36059-K

Roof Framing  $59.95 • DVD: MYY26200-KS    Bilingual Version • $59.95 • MYY36058-K

Floor Framing  $59.95 • DVD: MYY26199-KS    Bilingual Version • $59.95 • MYY36057-K

Ceiling Framing $59.95 • DVD: MYY26198-KS Bilingual Version • $59.95 • MYY36056-K

Residential Construction

This series of videos follows experienced workers on the job as they demonstrate different areas of residential construction. Viewers watch apprentices learning on the job as they wire a house, install pipes and fixtures, and complete masonry work. Each phase of  construction is explained as it is completed step-by-step. Workers use appropriate tools and equipment as they advance through each stage. Building materials and communication with others on the job site are also covered. This is an excellent “how-to” residential construction series for beginners.

Three 11-minute videos. © 2000. Available Worldwide


Residential Electrical Wiring 

Shawn, our narrator, has become an apprentice electrician for the day. We follow him through the specific steps of wiring a house as he works with a professional electrician. The video covers wiring diagrams, breaker panels, circuit breakers, switches, and outlet wiring. A quick but instructive look at the basics of wiring. $69.95 • DVD: MYY26207-K Bilingual Version • $69.95 • MYY36061-K

Residential Plumbing

Our in-house narrator, Shawn, takes on plumbing as he works with a professional plumber. We find out what it takes to design the plumbing service, and how to install pipes, faucets, drains, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Shawn shows us how to rough in the pipes, cut holes in the floor, sweat copper pipes, and bond PCV pipes.  $69.95 • DVD: MYY26211-K Bilingual Version • $69.95 • MYY36063-K

In this video Shawn, our apprentice, tackles residential masonry. Working alongside a professional,  he and the viewers learn basic skills in forming block wall foundations, different types  of cement, and forming, pouring, and finishing concrete. We also learn skills in using mortar and bricklaying.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY26210-K

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • MYY36062-K 

Estimating Building Materials for Home Construction

This program presents rule-of-thumb techniques of estimating material needs for a deck system, exterior walls, interior walls, roofing, electrical systems, and plumbing systems. Basing the project on plans for a three-bedroom house, the video uses sophisticated computer animation to help clearly visualize the estimating process. The program shows how to calculate square and linear footage; estimate amounts of sheathing, drywall, and siding; determine numbers of joists, studs, and  beams; and assess wiring and plumbing needs. Easy-to-use formulas presented in a  concise format make this video a great teaching aid.
One 24-minute video and teacher’s guide. © 2002.
Available Worldwide.

$69.95 • DVD: MYY12006-KS 

Bilingual Version • $69.95 • DVD: MYY36064-K

Landing a Job in the Trades

Getting hired as a carpenter, electrician, manicurist, or any other tradesperson requires the same professional attitude that all job candidates must show. This video explores essential self-marketing practices that transform job-seekers into wage-earners, focusing on the best ways to display valuable skills and personality characteristics. With straightforward explanations, helpful graphics, and interviews with job-search experts and real-world employers, the program illustrates how to structure a resume based on skills and background, how to compose a  cover letter, how to behave and communicate during an interview, and how to follow up with a winning thank-you letter. Special emphasis is placed on building an upwardly-mobile approach, encouraging applicants to display enthusiasm, leadership potential,  and a willingness to learn. This is a realistic and reliable demonstration  of the steps that lead to “You’re hired.” 

Correlates to Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary  Skills (SCANS) Standards for Life Work: Interpersonal, Information, and Systems.  One 16-minute video and viewable/printable teacher’s guide. © 2006. . Available Worldwi

$69.95 • DVD: MYY35546-K 

Tools of the Trade: Inside the Plumber’s Toolbox 

From plungers, to pipe wrenches, to Teflon tape, this program introduces each common tool of the plumbing  trade with a brief demonstration of its  proper use. Safety precautions and industry tips are provided as well, and four major types of piping and tubing steel, copper, plastic, and cast iron—are described. Recommended for high school, vocational/technical school, and adult education.

Correlates to all applicable state and national standards. One 30-minute video and viewable/printable teacher’s guide. © 2007. .

Available Worldwide.$89.95 • DVD: MYY36100-K   

Updated! Measurement: The Long and the Short of It

Emphasizing hands-on practice, this program is an excellent tool for  introducing the basics of linear measurement: its history, terminology, systems, and practical applications. Using both customary and metric rulers, Measurement: The Long and the Short of It will guide your students through the process of taking measurements, performing related calculations using whole numbers and fractions, and arriving at answers they can feel confident with. By the time the program is over, students will understand exactly what measurement is—and why it’s relevant to their  lives. Recommended for middle school, high school, and vocational/technical school.

Correlates to all applicable state and national standards.One 16-minute video and workbook. © 2007. . Available Worldwide.

$89.95 • DVD: MYY35899-K

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