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Live Action Videos & Curricula

Enough Is Enough
Before reaching the age of 14, the average teenager will have viewed 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television • Teenagers band together to develop creative projects that focus on a variety of themes relating to violence in the media • Illustrates how high school students can join together & speak out on an issue that affects them personally and to enable teens to become critical as opposed to feeling guilty about consuming these products • Grades 6-12 • Available in US only • © 1997
Item number: NIM-79-1-V97
Running time: (27 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

Gang Awareness: Signs & Symptoms
Examines the issue of gang awareness & methods for detecting gang involvement in your neighborhood BExplains tattoos, signs & symbols, graffiti, hand signs, & the migration & recruitment of gang members BMany of these leaders are in prisons BTo Educate teachers, parents, students & law enforcement officials B© 1997
Item number: NIM-21-6-V97
Running time: (30 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $79.95

The Big Lies: Wake Up to a New Parent, & Teacher's Guide to Drug/Violence & Other Social Problems
Milton Creagh, a well-known and respected speaker, has developed this program to aid in parenting & instilling moral values in our kids today • An individual group alone cannot overcome the problems of society, but all organizations must work together to make a difference • A must for all schools, PTA meetings, community programs, & parents • © 1994
Item number: NIM-24-1-V97
Running time: (79 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $89.95

Parenting Is the Key: Communities Making a Difference
Milton Creagh helps parents understand their role in keeping their children drug-free by being drug-free themselves • This video discusses common sense, down-to-earth ideas in parenting • For Parents • © 1997
Item number: NIM-24-2-V97
Running time: (79 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $89.95

Milton Creagh Live: Enough Is Enuff
As the problems of drugs & alcohol remain prevalent in the lives of teenagers, we find they are hurting & scared • Many of them not only have their own crosses to bear, frequently parents are hooked as well • © 1997
Item number: NIM-24-3-V97
Running time: (66 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $89.95

Wiz of a Wiz
Milton Creagh uses The Wizard of Oz as a backdrop for a high-energy, motivational talk geared towards helping individual parents and young people realize the power they have within to accomplish great things • © 1997
Item number: NIM-24-4-V97(38 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $89.95

Milton Creagh Video Series - Save Price: $160
Item number: NIM-24-1-4-V97
(4 Live Videos)
Price: $299.95

Gangs: Get Out & Stay Out
Forthright interviews with ex-gang members, active gang-bangers, police officers and support professionals experienced with gang life, give concise, step-by-step directions for getting out and staying out of gangs with respect and safety BKids need help to get out of gangs BSuggestions are: BGet out as early as possible BGet help from an adult that is familiar with and respected by the gang BBe sincere in getting out BCome with an attitude of respect B& Make a clean and complete break BA rare informational source for getting out & staying out of gangs BGrades 6-12 B© 1998
Item number: NIM-59-8-V97
Running time: (40 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

The Healing Years
Learn the key to healing from child sexual abuse by the profiles of three women survivors of incest from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds • These women bear witness to the emotional dysfunction, addiction, perpetuation of abuse, and detrimental impact this crime has on families and society • Yet, this program is ultimately inspiring as we witness their recovery from victims to empowered women, ending the cycle of child sexual abuse in their families and communities where incest and abuse is widely prevalent • Winner of the Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival Top Eighteen • Grades 6-Adult • © 1999
Item number: NIM-128-1-V97
Running time: (52 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $199.95

School Security
The role of the School Resource Officer is discussed with emphasis placed on how the officers interact with other law enforcement functions • The School Resource Officer is a visual deterrent to prevent students from engaging in violence • The officer also enhances the relationships of the law, school, and students • Also interviews students who express their views on the School Resource Officer • For Professionals • © 1997
Item number: NIM-02-029257-V97
(Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Guns, Gangs, & Violence: Live in Peace or Rest in Peace
Members of the rap group "Slick Boys" & former Houston Oiler & Final Four basketball player, Eric Davis, tells his story of growing up in Chicago as a gang banger and how he turned it all around BEric interacts with a group of juvenile offenders about his many gang experiences and helps them realize that "you can live a great life without being in a gang" BHe discusses his new career as an undercover police officer in his old neighborhood (cleaning up the streets) BGrades 6-Adult B© 1996
Item number: NIM-59-5-V97
Running time: (39 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $79.95

Describes the turmoil of at-risk teenage girls • Describes both the positive and negative influences that can ultimately determine the rest of a youth's life • While specifically designed for middle to high school youth, these films can be used constructively in guidance of college age groups

Crystal Clear: The Truth About Drugs
Sorts through the past of a Latino girl to show teenagers how not to live their lives • Through the gentle guidance of Adrienne Harrell, a university counselor, Estella, now 33, shares her life of wrong decisions • Shows in vivid detail how one could, by making the wrong choices, find themselves living in a home that even the homeless may turn their backs on • An effective tool for those students who do not take drug prevention programs seriously • Discussion guide included • For Grades 6-Adult • © 1997
Item number: NIM-59-6-V97
Running time: (23 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Silver Lining: Four Genuine Role Models
Describes how four women turn their lives around to make a positive influence on society • Each tells of the negative influence that peers had on her life • Feel the hurt & rebellion that each suffered and see what turned them around • Features Julie Lyle, a therapist & counselor, who helped guide the girls into a better life • Discussion guide included • For Grades 6-Adult • ©1997
Item number: NIM-59-7-V97
Running time: (20 min. Live Action Video)

Price: $109.95

Life's Turnaround Video Series­ - Save Price: $50
Item number: NIM-59-6-7-V97(2 Live Action Videos)
Price: $169.95

Youth Crisis: Planning the Response to Hostage Taking, Shootings, & Suicides
School districts need a plan for the prevention, education, intervention, and follow-up of a variety of crisis situations • This seven part series gives just such a plan • Program segments cover: • 1) Youth Crises: An Introduction - Presents three key components of a complete crisis-preparedness plan • 2) Hostage Crisis: The Police Response - Shows a possible hostage situation with appropriate intervention & communications priorities • 3) Surviving & Healing - Conveys key points, including the need to keep calm, why you should not try to disarm or negotiate with the hostage taker, the necessity of trusting hostage negotiators • 4) A Student Suicide - Sketches the announcement of a student suicide and provides subsequent support to those affected • 5) Shooting in the School - Reviews such immediate and long-term actions as cooperation with law enforcement, dealing with consequences, delivering carefully planned communications to community & media • 6) Responding to the Media - Prepares teachers and administrators for the arrival of media covering the crisis • 7) Conclusion - Reviews the essentials of creating a complete and cooperative plan that can be revised regularly • For Educators
Item number: NIM-135-60-V97
(Complete Curricula)
Price: $169.95

Common Ground: In Search of Racial Reconciliation Series
Alisha Phillips, 17, from Jonesboro, AK, discovers that her ancestors were slave owners­a hard truth for a compassionate young woman • Alisha needs to learn more about this thing ­RACISM­ that is so troubling to her • She talks to older African-Americans to learn what life was like for them • The tough stories passed down by grandparents have understandably helped form many of today's attitudes of her African-American classmates • She can't walk in their shoes, but perhaps she can see their footsteps • Ends in an inspirational biracial rededication of an old slave cemetery • Includes 4 Live Action Videos • Grades 6-12 B© 2000
Item number: NIM-59-13-V97
(4 Live Action Videos Series)
Price: $149.95

No Means No!
An unwanted sexual encounter is more than just a small one-time act which only lasts minutes • Rape leaves a lifetime of consequences for both the victim and the perpetrator • Explores the grief, shame, loss, health & emotional problems, along with anger of the victim through interviews with victims and rape counselors and law enforcement personnel • Also explores the legal & emotional consequences for the assailant & his family • Viewers will not walk away from this program untouched • Highly recommended for guidance counselors, rape counselors, crisis centers, high schools, colleges, & anyone interested in prevention and counseling of victims • Grades 9-Adult • © 2000
Item number: NIM-56-4-V97
(Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Wasted! Guns & Teens, Lives & Dreams
Aim at the tragedy of guns in the hands of America's youth BGun violence involves urban & rural students, all ethnic groups, and both genders BSeeks solutions from a mix of experts & students BContains graphic footage BEach video includes a reproducible teacher's guide in both IBM & Macintosh formats BGrades 6-12 B© 1996
Item number: NIM-59-1-V97
Running time: (48 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $149.95

Saving Jesus: An 11-Year-Old's Flight From Gangs
A true story about Jesus, an 11-year-old Puerto Rican boy, who lives in the projects BHe is angry because he sees no future, believing he will not live to be 19 BHe does not want to get involved with gangs, because he sees only death from them BEddie, a former gang member helps Jesus become involved with the Youth Acting Club BNow Jesus wants to be a role model, too, and keep other youth out of gangs & danger BGrades 6-Adult B© 1995
Item number: NIM-81-3-V97
Running time: (15 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $79.95

Gang Signs: How to Tell If Gangs Are Influencing Our Kids or Community
Explains what to look for if you suspect a child/teen is involved with a gang • Learn the five major reasons kids join gangs BBreaks down the age groups, slang terms, & duties for each age group • Tells how to reverse the hold gangs have on your child • Parental rights BHate groups • Substance abuse • To Educate teachers, parents, students & law enforcement officials • © 1996
Item number: NIM-88-1-V97
Running time: (30 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $79.95

LINK: The Solution for Violence Against Women & Children in Relationships & the Use of Alcohol & Drugs
Learn about the link between alcohol & drug use & violence against women & children in relationships • Presentation & training package which provides detailed information on the co-relationship between substance abuse & violence against women & children • The workshop design guide provides a step-by-step explanation of how to use the training support materials • The accompanying video depicts a young woman who is addicted to prescription drugs • She has several additional problems which she tries to hide in alcohol & pills • Shows how a support group can help victims heal • The five-module package includes: • 15 min. Live Action Video • Handout Masters • Trainer's Handbook • 309 pages BGrades 7-Adult • © 1995
Item number: NIM-82-LINK-C97
(Live Action Video & Complete Curriculum)
Price: $399.95

It's Not Funny!: Teasing Is a Real Bummer for Everyone
Teasing has left more human scars than have swords • It is the most pervasive and common social problem in every school, and it starts in the earliest grades • Examines the reasons kids tease, with a view to changing their behavior" • Every day, youth suffer ego-destroying anguish that no adult would tolerate • For every kid who is pushed around physically (bullying), many more are tormented by taunting about obesity, stuttering, slow learning, and a myriad of other "failings" • Sexual harassment, one of the most common forms of teasing, is addressed • Young viewers, by watching two puppets, will learn how to distinguish between light-hearted and hurtful teasing • Made with the cooperation of the Vista (CA) Academy for Performing Arts • Study guide included • Grades 5-10 • © 1999
Item number: NIM-59-11-V97
Running time: (35 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Date Rape: A Different Set of Rules
A program has begun over the campus of one university to educate men on sexual abuse • Not surprisingly, many men learn on campus that having sex proves their manliness to other men • Many think they didn't do anything wrong • Film covers what constitutes consent and how advertising often sends negative messages about women • Excellent for freshman college orientation and high school counselors
Item number: NIM-87-1-V97
Running time: (25 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

My Day at MXA: Empowering Youth to Reach for Their Dreams
This story is told primarily through the eyes of two young people who attend Malcolm X Academy, a predominately Black School BFifth grader Bruce Bostuba lives in the neighborhood with his mom & is the only white student in the school BHe has made many friends & has learned that race is not an issue that affects his life at school BHe has discovered that people are the same no matter their race BMatthew Weaver shares his experiences at Malcolm X BHe recounts the days when going to or leaving school was met with gunshots and angry racial slurs BReveals young people who are working and learning together and exchanging fear & hatred for understanding, friendship, & hope BJr. High-Adult B© 1994
Item number: NIM-81-2-V97
Running time: (16 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $69.95

Date Rape: The Ultimate Violation of Trust
Provides practical methods of avoiding situations which can lead to date rape • Raises the awareness of the crime of date rape • Reinforces a woman's rights in a relationship • Reinforces that forced sex is a crime punishable by law
Item number: NIM-33-2-V97
Running time: (20 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $89.95

Still Missing: When Children Are Abducted By Non-Family Members
It's every parent's worst nightmare & law enforcement's most implacable challenge • This documentary-style video covers 4 families with children who have been abducted by non-family members • The process of searching for the victim & coping with the loss is discussed along with all the emotions and effects that losing a loved one to abduction exacts on a family • Vicious rumors concerning the victim's family lives run rampant after abductions, leaving the family in a state of depression • Parents discuss their feelings of loss & depression when their efforts lead to no avail or the murdered remains of their child • Winner of the International documentary Association of Distinguished Documentary Achievement Award & a Finalist at USA Film Festival • © 1998
Item number: NIM-99-1-V97
Running time: (40 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $189.00

Missing: What to Do If Your Child Disappears
In October 1993, 12-year-old Polly Klaas was abducted from her bedroom while playing with friends • Critical mistakes were made because neither the Police Department nor the Klaas family knew how to proceed • The Klaas family all felt the need for a response manual, but none existed BMissing: What to Do If Your Child Disappears is that response manual in video form • Offers safety tips for preventing kidnapping for parents and their children • Also includes a brochure that contains: BIdentification Data Card BPhoto Record • Fingerprint Record • Mark Klaas, the grieving father, has turned his heartbreak into action with this important educational tool • © 1998
Item number: NIM-103-1-V97
Running time: (27 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $69.95

What to Do If Your Child Disappears Video Series-Save Price: $20
Item number: NIM-103-SET-V97
(2 Live Action Videos)
Price: $249.95

Reality-based situations in this riveting new series • Actors, many from at-risk backgrounds, rely on real-life experiences for their realistic portrayals BGrades 9-12 • © 1997

Drinking & Driving
Item number: NIM-105-SWP01K(V)97
Price: $69.00

Date Rape
Item number: NIM-105-SWP02K(V)97
Price: $89.95

Alcohol and Violence
Item number: NIM-105-SWP03K(V)97
Price: $89.95

Street Wise: Drugs, Alcohol, & Violence Series - Save Price: $38
Item number: NIM-105-SWP10K(V)97
Price: $179.00

Gangs: The Tough Decision to Stay Out
It's one thing to say, "Just Say 'No' to Gangs!" • It's quite another to be a young person facing the very real pressure to join • Find out why gangs are so seductive • Look at common methods that gangs use to attract new members • See what happens when a young person joins a dangerous gang • Find out how tough it is to get out once you're in • Helps teen viewers learn about the dangers of gangs & the potential for anyone to slip into gang involvement • Offers tips and suggestions for finding other sources of peer companionship and support outside gangs • A must-have for any school whose gang problem is just starting or growing • Grades 8-12 • © 1998
Item number: NIM-104-L937-V97
Running time: (20 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Depicts the responsibility of gun ownership and the violence that can be caused by a weapon • Part one features an emergency room sequence of a 13-year-old gunshot wound victim who witnesses every step the medical team uses to try to save his life • Part two depicts an animated documentary from a gun who tells how to respect a weapon • Part three is a mini-drama which illustrates vividly the consequences of your actions when you make a decision to use a weapon for protection • Five Emmy's in the following: • Segment videography • Segment Editing • Commentary • Audio & Music • Grades 4-Adult • © 1996
Item number: NIM-81-1-V97
Running time: (15 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $79.95

Bomb Threat
The proper procedures for responding to bomb threat calls are illustrated • Provides law enforcement officers or security professionals with the necessary techniques & awareness to deal with bomb threat situations, including: • Evacuation procedures • Safety techniques • and Contact/liaison with terrorist groups • For Professionals • Available in US only
Item number: NIM-125-9114-V97
Running time: (17 min. Action Video)
Price: $119.95

No Safe Place: The Origins of Violence Against Women
Stresses that women learn early that there are some things they cannot or should not do and some places they should not go • Also answers some of the frequently-asked questions about domestic violence, including: • Is there a profile of men who batter their partners? • Why don't women leave abusive relationships? • How does domestic violence affect children? • & Many more • Numerous Awards • Grades 9-Adult • © 1996
Item number: NIM-60-1-V97
Running time: (56 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

As Tough As Necessary: A Discipline With A Dignity Approach to Countering Aggression, Hostility, & Violence
This is a four-part video workshop for teachers and administrators to learn how to apply discipline with dignity • This research-based program provides guidance for educators who want to find a humane but firm way to teach disruptive students positive coping strategies • Teachers are acutely aware that this situation has become more threatening because of a number of trends: • Increasing disruptive student behavior • Children exhibiting disruptive and even violent behavior at ages younger than ever before • Children and teens are both perpetrators and victims of violence • Many violent young people lack any sense of caring or remorse • Each of the four video programs is approximately 20 minutes long • They are: • 1) Key Principles • 2) Creating a Climate of Prevention • 3) Intervention Techniques • 4) Resolution • The companion guide, contains an agenda for each of the four half-day, video-based workshop sessions • Each contains: • Suggestions for time allotment • Questions to trigger discussion & debate • Role-play ideas • & Directions for conducting large & small group arrangements • For Educators • © 1997

Item number: NIM-109-1-V97
(Complete 4 Live Action Video & Curricula)
Price: $499.95

Wake-Up Call: Overcoming Gangs & Prejudice
Demonstrates that the "testing" conducted between young gang members is a reflection of their own desire for respect & honor and a thin coverup of their fears of what life seems to offer BGangs perpetuate racial stereotypical thinking and prejudices BFrank was able to see the falsehoods in this thinking and turned his life around BAfter his release Frank left his gang, completed high school, went on to college, married, and started a family with a bright future, giving hope to other gang members to do the same BGrades 6-12 B© 1998
Item number: NIM-59-9-V97
Running time: (30 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Gangs Broken Promises: Gang Prevention for Teens
Designed to debunk the major promises that gang recruiters make BThree teens are the focus of the video as they describe the harsh realities of gang life BIn addition, interviews with a special investigations unit detective and juvenile correctional facility unit supervisor describe the consequences of gang involvement • International Film & Video Festival-Bronze World Winner • Bronze Telly Award BGrades 6-12 B© 1998
Item number: NIM-132-1-V97
Running time: (12 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Close the Door on Gangs: Gang Awareness for Adults
Designed to educate parents, teachers, and other adults about the reality of gangs in midsize and small communities BInterviews with former gang members, special investigations unit detective, juvenile corrections supervisor, and parks and recreation director provide inside information about why gangs are moving into smaller communities BAlso depicts why kids join gangs, the warning signs that indicate a child may be getting involved and how adults can become a part of prevention efforts BBronze Telly Award BProfessional-Adult B© 1998
Item number: NIM-132-2-V97(17 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Gang Realities Video Series - Save Price: $41
Item number: NIM-132-1-2-V97 (2 Videos)
Price: $199.95

NO Way!!! . . . to Treat Others
NO Way!, is a message on bullying that all teenagers need to hear, & also send to each other • The hurt can sometimes stays hidden, but the anger boils over • Too often, the rage of the picked-on kids screams to the surface in a flurry of gunshots • The honest, agonized words of bullied youth will hit your students right in the conscience • Can be the dramatic stepping-stone for your students to get beyond casual acceptance of bullying to the willingness to do something about this evil­­starting with themselves • Grades 7-12 • © 2000
Item number: NIM-59-12-V97 (Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

Overcoming Prejudice & Discrimination Through Multiculturalism
Multicultural education can help overcome prejudice and discrimination in your students' lives! • By understanding other races and cultures, your students can break the habit of prejudice • Contains step-by-step instructions on opening your mind to other cultures, races, and nationalities • In a high-energy format with which teen viewers can identify, it shows how "cool" it is to be open-minded • Grades 8-12 • © 1998
Item number: NIM-104-L901-V97 Running time: (18 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

Holding Patterns: One Look at Violence in the Home
Gives us a glimpse of male-to-female battering in two Caucasian homes • An upper middle-class family where the husband is a corporate executive and an alcoholic, and a lower income family where the husband is an unemployed, unskilled laborer BDispels many myths associated with domestic abuse BEmpowers viewers to recognize the dynamics of family violence and to make needed changes BIncludes training manual BGrades 9-Adult
Item number: NIM-123-1-V97
Running time: (37 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $89.95

Caught in the Crossfire
Reveals how much damage violence & the fear of violence are doing to America • Puts human faces on the statistics & stereotypes • Despite the constant threat of violence, the inner city's seven- & eight-year-olds still dream of becoming "someone" when they grow up • By the time they reach middle teens, most doubt they have a future & therefore don't care • Grades 6-12
Item number: NIM-02-135301-V97
Running time: (60 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $79.95

Bullying Is Uncool
Discusses how students can respond to bullies, why kids bully and what can be done about it • Features Leny (a really mean-looking dude), who emphasizes that power comes from within, not from hurting others • He says "No one likes being pushed around" • Viewers discover that compromise can be a good way to solve a conflict • Grades 6-9 • Available in US only • © 1997
Item number: NIM-74-13-V797
Running time: (13 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $69.95

Facing the Challenge: Building Peer Programs for Street Youth
Service providers are turning to the youth themselves to provide information on how to base their outreach programs, to become messengers of HIV prevention, and to become mentors to those who need mentoring • Covers both the training of outreach providers/mentors & the hazards they might encounter • Deals with: • Clinic • Supervisory • & Management issues • Can be used as a training tool for educators, health care providers, & those who teach & study adolescent medicine • Includes Guide • © 1996
Item number: NIM-113-1-V97
Running time: (23 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $89.95

Sister, I'm Sorry: An Apology to Women
Dramatic presentation of women who have been abused (physically, verbally, and/or emotionally) by men BTakes a close look at the effects of abuse and how the women survived their individual situations BDepicts several males who pay tribute to the abused women for their strength and apologize for the negative actions of their fellow black men BCaptivating and emotionally packed, this film realistically presents the lives of women living and coping with past abuse BA tool for therapists, counselors, and recovery programs who are dealing with abuse victims BGrades 9-Adult B© 1999
Item number: NIM-91-2-V97
Running time: (19 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

Black Men: An Endangered Species
Homicide is the leading cause of death among young black males, but even more startling is that the perpetrators are black men themselves BSuicide is another leading cause of death among black males BEducation is heavily stressed rather than sports for career goals BEmphasizes the great need of good male role models for inner-city kids BRecognizes the necessity of teaching basic moral values BJoint efforts between schools, churches, law officials, professionals, & the overall community are stressed to conquer the problems faced toady BGrades 7-Adult
Item number: NIM-25-1-V97
Running time: (58 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

The rough texture of startling cont’-crayon drawings intertwined with the voices of three abused women retelling their stories, delivers the truth about domestic abuse with a profound impact • This unusual presentation begins with how the abuse started and continues with: • How the women endured BResponses from police, clergy, & family • Trying to leave • & Safety after leaving • Research-based statistics punctuate the plight of these women and thousands like them • Gives a profile of an abuser • Numerous Awards • Grades 8-Adult • © 1998
Item number: NIM-120-1-V97
Running time: (16 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Gangs in My Little Town: Three Teens Find Out the Truth
Gang activity is occurring in every U.S. state BGangs are appearing in smaller cities and rural communities, often catching youth and adults off guard and enabling the problem to escalate BTravel with three teens as they videotape and explore this issue BEndorsed by Dan Korem, author of Suburban Gangs BShows what gangs do and how it will affect the communities BDefines a gang according to the people who were interviewed BKids discuss why they thought people joined gangs BA police officer explains what some of the graffiti means and how girls are used by gangs BThey found that, in order to avoid being noticed, gangs sometimes do not dress in gang colors BTalks to ex-gang members BIncludes: Leader's Guide BAvailable in US only BGrades 5-12 B© 1998
Item number: NIM-96-01-V97
Running time: (25 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

Life Inside: Violence Prevention
This vivid behind-the-scenes look at prison life is geared toward educating our youth about the harsh realities of life behind bars • Youthful offenders tell their stories about the trials that landed them in prison, the freedoms they lose while behind bars, & the difficulties they'll face returning to society after their incarceration • Aimed at keeping young people from ever entering the correctional system by deterring them from illegal behavior such as drug use/sale, violence, etc. BGrades 6-12
Item number: NIM-21-1-V97
Running time: (30 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $89.95

Angry Young Man A Drug Tragedy
Meet Andrew, a young man from a middle-class, white family, who as a result of out-of-control anger & drug use, succumbs to peer pressure and gets involved with gangs & finds himself in jail • Andrew's parents describe what their lives have become as a result of Andrew's drug involvement • Interviews with students and a counselor add dimension to the discussion, while stressing other options available • Teens get a loud and clear warning about the harsh realities of drug life • Grades 6-12 • © 2000
Item number: NIM-56-2-V32
(Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

Rhythms of Peace
Do you want to influence children who want to get along in this world? • Ideal for ages 8-12, this video allows children to gain insight into the consequences of revenge and prejudice • Rhythms of Peace teaches children to embrace peace and the power of love • Includes four entertaining segments that explore: • Revenge • Acceptance • Cooperation • Strength •
Stop negative behavior tendencies before they start • Grades 3-7 • ©1998
Item number: NIM-104-P26-V97
Running time: (60 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $79.95

Peacemaker! A Conflict Resolution Program for Youth - There Is HOPE
Emphasizes how students doubt their own abilities to make a difference • Following the interviews with the teens, there are discussions and vignettes targeted at teaching children that they can make a difference - so they will know that "There is Hope" • Shows hope, conflict resolution tactics, responsible decision-making skills, and ends with a dramatic conclusion that grabs the attention to the audience • Grades 5-12 • © 1996
Item number: NIM-25-2-V97
Running time: (55 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $99.95

Working with Hostile & Resistant Teens
Students are more explosive today than ever before and working with them is a constant challenge • Steven Campbell is a therapist who has dealt with hostile and resistant kids for the part 25 years and has developed an affective anger management strategy BThese two videos consist of role plays with actual at-risk teens, who in most cases are acting out their own personal histories • Campbell leads the role plays, then provides an analysis of each one, showing viewers how to work effectively with this challenging population • Invaluable, hands-on survival skills for dealing with hostile and resistant teens in any setting • Two 45 min. Live Action Videos and a discussion guide included • For Educators • © 1999
Working with Hostile & Resistant Teens Video Series
Item number: NIM-105-VF03R-V97
(Recieve Both 45 min. Live Action Videos)
Price: $179.00

Youth Violence: A "Safe School Production
The recent school shootings that shocked our nation is a grim reminder that juvenile crime can happen in any town in America • The headlines seem to say that youth violence is on the increase • However, statistics reveal a decrease of violence in our schools over the last few years • Programs like the ones developed by "Safe Schools and Communities Coalition" are helping to prevent youth crime and violence • In this program we'll explore how we can all work together to beat youth violence • Grades 9-Adult • © 2000
Item number: NIM-141-68-V97
(Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Walk the Walk: The Art of Building Resilience in Youth
Kids from difficult childhoods are considered to be "at-risk" for problems ranging from school failure to unemployment, and substance abuse to criminal involvement • Yet, many of these kids grow up to become confident, capable, caring adults • When at-risk kids succeed, usually a caring adult made the difference • 20 min. Live Action Video • Grades 6-12 • © 1999
Item number: NIM-AADAC-8-V97
(Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

Ice Breakers: Building Bridges From Kids to Cops
Demonstrates that a tough world is made tougher when you're led to believe that police are the enemy BFeatures two "nice guy" cops who are a great "Icebreaker" when they come to class to reach kids BYouth are told the truth by these two officers about gangs, drugs, and police relations BSets the stage for positive discussions and helps open relations with your police • Grades 6-12 B© 1999
Item number: NIM-59-10-V97
Running time: (18 min. Live Action Video)
Price: $109.95

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