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Landscape Equipment Safety Series
Safety: Large Equipment

Heavy equipment from backhoes to bobcats are covered * The importance of safety when dealing with heavy equipment is explained * Video covers good handling and care techniques including understanding equipment and proper safety gear
Item number: NIM-AZ-34-VW
Running time: 20 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$79.95

Safety: Power Hand Tools
Dangerous landscape power equipment is covered * From edgers to chainsaws
Item number: NIM-AZ-35-VW
Running time: 31 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$79.95

Safety: Push Mowers
Safe operation of mowers is explained * Maintenance of push mowers is covered
Item number: NIM-AZ-36-VW
Running time: 30 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$79.95

Safety: Riding Mowers
Proper operating and care techniques are shown * Riding mowers from small home-size to larger units
Item number: NIM-AZ-37-VW
Running time: 27 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$79.95

Complete Landscape Equipment Safety Series
Item number: NIM-AZ-34-37-VW
Includes: 4 Live Action Videos
Price: US$295.00

Agri-Tools and Maintenance Series
Garden Tractor Maintenance

This video transfer covers: * Changing and checking oil levels * Greasing * Battery and belt checks
Item number: NIM-55-531-VW
Price: US$49.95

Sharpening and Balancing a Rotary Mower Blade
This video transfer demonstrates: * Removing * Checking * Sharpening * Balancing * Replacing Blades
Item number: NIM-55-532-VW
Price: US$49.95

Rotary Mower Maintenance
Covered in this video transfer: * Replacing air filters * Changing oil * Checking spark plugs * Sharpening the blades * Cleaning
Item number: NIM-55-533-VW
Price: US$49.95

Chain Saw Use/Maintenance
Major parts of a chain saw are shown * Learn how to operate and maintain a chain saw * Live action video
Item number: NIM-55-536-VW
Price: US$49.95

Complete Agri-Tools and Maintenance Series
Item number: NIM-55-ATM-VW
Price: US$159.00

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