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Bearings, Clutches, and Brakes Videos

Ball Bearings
This video discusses the two major types of ball bearings, their applications along with types, classification, and series designations * Also explained are various mounting types and housing configurations
Item number: NIM-PR-10-VW
Running time: 15 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Clutches and Brakes
This video discusses requirements and implementation of clutches, including idler, centrifugal, jaw positive and sliding engagement, as well as brakes, including disc, caliper, one way, and others * Also examined are the means of actuation of both devices
Item number: NIM-PR-09-VW
Running time: 19 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Gear Reducers Videos

Gear Reducer Selection
This video discusses the factors that affect the proper selection of a gear reducer for a given application * Topics covered are: housing configurations, gear case size and ratio, shaft arrangement, thermal ratings, overhung load capacity, thrust load capacity and gear motors
Item number: NIM-PR-20-VW
Running time: 18 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Gear Reducers
Provided is a basic overview of the purposes and application of gear drives, including worm, spur, helical, miter, and bevel, along with capacities, efficiency and mounting configurations
Item number: NIM-PR-07-VW
Running time: 21 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Hydraulics Videos

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors
Covered are gear, gerotor, vane and piston pumps and motors * This video discusses how they operate and create flow from rotary motion or rotary motion from flow * Also covered are compensation and mechanical details such as: C-Flange and foot bracket mounts
Item number: NIM-PR-29-VW
Running time: 21 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Hydraulic Cylinders
This video identifies barrel, bore, stroke, stroke adjuster, stop tube, single action, double action, single and double rod, rod bushing, rod seal, rod wiper, rod boots, cushions, and more * Also covered are a variety of NFPA mounting designations for center line, foot and pivot mount
Item number: NIM-PR-30-VW
Running time: 19 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Lubrication Videos

Basic Machine Lubrication "The Care and Feeding of Machines"
This video defines friction and how it affects metal and moving parts * The video also covers how the correct oil and grease can overcome friction, viscosity, the many jobs of lubrication oil, how to select the proper lubricant, bearing, loads, and operating temperatures
Item number: NIM-290-VW
Running time: 29 minute VHS Video Transfer
Price: US$59.95

Anti-Friction Bearing Lubrication
This video carefully covers this often misunderstood topic, including selection of the correct lubricant for a given application * Covered also is the amount of lubrication necessary
Item number: NIM-PR-26-VW
Running time: 21 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Power Transfer Videos

Power Transfer Service Factors
Three areas of concern by plant operators when selecting equipment are covered * Video explains prime movers * Video differentiates between electric motors when compared with single cylinder internal combustion engines * Factors influencing service factor selection are presented * Calculation of horsepower is explained
Item number: NIM-PR-13-VW
Running time: 15 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$129.95

Power Transmission Physics Video

Basic Introductory Math for Power Transmission Physics
Basic concepts of work, horsepower, torque, efficiency and others are examined * A variety of common drive configurations are covered
Item number: NIM-PR-01-VW
Running time: 20 Minute Live Action Video
Price: US$129.95

V-Belt Drives Videos

V-Belt Drive Selection
A step-by-step analysis of proper v-belt drive selection is explained * The video discusses the following factors affecting horsepower capacity of a v-belt: cross-section, sheave diameters, speed, and shaft centers
Item number: NIM-PR-18-VW
Running time: 16 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

V-Belt Drive Installation
This video looks at belt and sheave dimensions and cross sections with an eye toward application, along with the many methods of mounting sheaves * Initial tensioning and correct retensioning are covered * More
Item number: NIM-PR-27-VW
Running time: 19 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

V-Belt and Sheaves
This video discusses the construction, application, and classification of v-belts including fractional HP, multiple belt drives, double angle, and other types of specialty belts * More
Item number: NIM-PR-04-VW
Running time: 22 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Valves and Hoses Videos

Flexible Metal Hoses
This video describes the different types of flexible metal hosing being used in today's industry terminology, dimensions, applications, specifications, operation, and bursting pressure
Item number: NIM-PR-23-VW
Running time: 15 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Directional Control Valves
This video discusses one-, two-, three-, and four-way valves * Their function is demonstrated * Open, closed, tandem, and float center condition four-way valves are explained * Appropriate symbols also are taught
Item number: NIM-PR-31-VW
Running time: 19 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

Pressure and Flow Control Valves
This video covers pressure and flow control valves and their functions * Discussed are direct acting and pilot operated pressure control valves * Also discussed are normally open and normally closed pressure control valves and how they act as relief valves, sequence valves, unloading valves, and break valves * Much more
Item number: NIM-PR-32-VW
Running time: 13 minute Live Action Video
Price: US$199.95

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