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Safety In The Kitchen - Safety and sanitation in the kitchen are areas of vital importance and must be strictly maintained in order to save yourself and your family from dangerous accidents and potentially fatal illnesses. This thorough program covers all the basics of keeping a safe and sanitary kitchen, and is divided into the following topics: burns and scalds; cuts and wounds; slips and falls; kitchen sanitation; and caustic poisons. Special attention is given to food borne illnesses and their prevention in the section on kitchen sanitation. Vital information for anyone working in or around a kitchen environment is given in a straightforward, visually interesting approach. 23 minutes FDJ26240


Food Safety - A brief overview of food preparation and storage to keep food healthy and safe to eat. 10 minutes 2249-MG1


Food Safety: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You - This up-to-date program teaches viewers about the dangers present in everyone s kitchen, like food poisoning, pan fires, allowing foods to spoil because they weren't refrigerated, storing and packaging improperly, and under cooking, for example. Avoid these and other problems before they happen by learning safety precautions now and for the future. 12 minutes FDJ11103


Safe And Sanitary Dishwashing -Dishes will always be with us. And unless we live with our mothers -for the rest of our lives or eat off of paper plates, most of us will have to wash them at some point. So, how hard can it be? Safety concerns in the kitchen have made this video necessary. We take a look at dishwashers and include information on loading, water temperature, cycles, types of supplies and special cleaning problems. We also look at washing dishes by hand including pretreatment, water temperature, techniques, drying (which is better - rack or dishtowel?) and other areas. Even though everyone takes washing dishes for granted, the only way to eliminate the spread of germs is through proper cleaning and this video does an excellent job of providing information in a humorous and entertaining manner. 12 minutes 2266-MG1


Skills in Food Service Series
Skills in Food Service: Fast Food Techniques - Fast food is everywhere these days, not only in popular national franchises, hut in hotels and full service restaurants as well. This video will show first hand the techniques used in fast food business: grilling, broiling and frying. Each method will he demonstrated and explained as safety tips are highlighted throughout. Various tools and procedures will also be shown. There's even a special section on pizzas and Mexican food! Fast food jobs are a great entry to better jobs throughout the food services business. 14 minutes FDJ26324


Skills In Food Service: The Hot Station - The hot station is the heart of the food service kitchen. Most main dishes are prepared here and this is where some of the most important skills in food service are learned. Viewers will see how main courses or entrees are typically prepared, including meat, poultry and seafood. The video covers storing and preparing meat, methods of cooking and various professional tips throughout. There is a special section on vegetables, cereals, rice and pasta. Given the right preparation and technique, main courses can be the attraction in a food services career! 15 minutes FDJ26323


Skills In Food Service: The Pantry Station - The pantry station is responsible for preparing foods served cold. These include salads and sandwiches which are often prepared ahead of time and refrigerated until served. Salads consist of four parts: the base, the body, the dressing and the garnish and each is thoroughly covered including safety tips. Hot and cold sandwiches are discussed as well as the importance of using high quality breads. Helpful explanation of sandwich and salad production is also provided so that large amounts of identical items can he assembled quickly. Organization is the key to this station! 13 minutes  FDJ23625


Skills In Food Service: The Bake Station - The bake station is where breads, cakes and pastries are prepared. It is often set apart from other stations because much of the work is done early in the day to ensure items will he ready on time. Although some baked goods are delivered pre-made, for those willing to learn the right skills, home made baked goods offer great rewards and can give a food establishment its own identity. This video provides a comprehensive look at the equipment, tools, ingredients and techniques. Yeast breads, quick breads, cakes, cookies, pies and pastries are all covered and special demonstrations given. High quality baking is a great way to customer satisfaction and a valuable skill to acquire in the food service business! 14 minutes   FDJ26326


Skills in Food Service Series FDJ26322


Table Setting: Banquets to Barbecues - In our busy schedules it's easy to grab a fork, a paper plate and stand at the kitchen counter to eat. But, it's nice to know the basics. This video reviews the techniques of various the table settings including family style and buffet. It also reviews the difference between formal and informal settings, and touches on creating a pleasant atmosphere at mealtime 10 minutes 2275-MG1  


 Kitchen Safety Series
Kitchen & Food Safety Series Kitchen Safety Essentials - Whether you work in a commercial kitchen or prepare meals in your home, you'll find many of the same utensils, and most importantly, the same safety practices. Visit the most dangerous room in the home and a busy commercial kitchen where viewers learn the necessity of safety in the kitchen and proper procedures to follow. This informative program covers the importance of cleaning and sanitizing, proper use and storage of knives, food safety and storage, storage and use of electric appliances, dealing with kitchen fires, and much more. Viewers become aware that their health and the health of others depends on their actions in the kitchen and they learn the proper procedures to keep disasters from occurring.30 minutes FFL8274  


Food Borne Illnesses And Their Prevention - Most of us have suffered the symptoms of a food borne illness at some time, but probably labeled it a "bug" or the "24-hour flu." This program takes an in-depth look at the practices that anyone who handles food should follow to prevent the spread of bacteria and to assure that the foods we eat are safe and enjoyable. Viewers investigate the cause, symptoms, and treatment of food borne illnesses with emphasis placed on their prevention. Viewers learn how to recognize the symptoms associated with food borne illnesses such as Salmonella and E. Coli bacteria. They then learn about the illness why they make people sick, how long an illness should be expected to last, safe and proper treatments, and when to pay a visit to the doctor's office. Almost all food borne illnesses can be avoided if those involved in food handling are educated about causes and the proper procedures to avoid contamination - and this informative program assures the health of viewers. 35 minutes FFL8222  


Food Safety - This important program teaches why safe food handling procedures are essential in the kitchen. Viewers are introduced to dangerous food handling practices and learn why the proper procedures are a must. Demonstrations of proper procedures for both institutions and the home include avoiding cross contamination of tools and surfaces, hand washing, use of containers that are suited to food storage, how to handle poultry and other "trouble" foods, safe temperature zones for food storage, and more. An informative and essential program for everyone who prepares, stores or consumes meals, snacks or leftovers. 30 minutes FFL8223  


Kitchen Safety Series  FFL14554  


The Food Service Industry -This series of 5 live action videos brings life to Food Service areas from the job search to the working environment. These high interest, low-cost videos are excellent for commercial foods and other foods programs.
Career Opportunities - Presents an overview of careers across the food service industry. Includes cooks, chefs, wait staff, counter attendants, short-order cooks, dishwashers, hostesses, bookkeepers and others. The program also provides information on education, training, preparation and benefits.14 minutes FDJ24946


Employee Skills - Instructs students how to prepare for a job interview with a potential employer. Basic food service job skills are discussed along with appropriate work behavior, professional appearance and suitable attitude. Viewers will be able to apply practical ideas to the job search as well as in the workplace. They will also see what employers want in an applicant and use that knowledge to get a good job in the food service industry. 9 minutes FDJ25316


Management Skills - This video includes the planning, organization and controlling factors required in Food Service Administration. Candidates must have good math skills, be able to adapt, be organized and have the ability to manage people. Administrative duties may include waste management, portion control, vendor costs, seasonal variables and profits. Record keeping and computer skills are also covered. 9 minutes FDJ25819


Food Preparation - Includes an overview of preparation techniques for all areas of food service including entrees, salads and bakery. Also included is information on all forms of food service presentation: tableside, buffet, cafeteria and catering . 18 minutes FDJ254447


Safety And Sanitation - Familiarizes viewers with some practical, common sense methods of making a food service job site safe and clean. Sanitation is the science of maintaining a clean, germ-free food production environment. The goal is to prevent food from becoming contaminated or dirty or harmful to eat. Employers are responsible for providing a safe workplace, but employees have a responsibility to maintain safe and sanitary practices on the job. These employee responsibilities are emphasized, along with regulations which are determined by local health departments . 10 minutes FDJ26239


Food Preparation Series FDJ25454



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