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 Careers in Action Poster Pack 1

Aircraft mechanic, Bank Teller, Bus Driver, Chef/Cook, Construction Laborer, EMT, Jeweler, Meteorologist, Optometrist, Police Officer, Retail Sales Worker, Weler, Animal Caretaker, Bricklayer, Butcher, Computer/Office Machine Repairer, Dental Hygienist, Engineering Manager, Firefighter, Mail Carrier, Plasterer, Refuse Collector, Stock Mover, Auto Body Repairer, Broadcast Tech, Chauffer, Construction/Building Inspector, Dispatcher, Farm Operator, Forester, Marine Engineer, Manufacturing Opticician, Plumber, Restaurant Manager, Travel Agent.

Set of 36 Posters, 2644-MG1 $98.00

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 Careers in Action Poster Pack 2 " The Professionals"

Accountant, Agriculutural Scientist, Astronomer, Dietician/Nutritionist, Lawyer, Photographer, Physician, Radio& TV Announcer, Vetenerian, Actor, Architect, Chemist, Geologist, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Pilot (Airline), Reporter, Teacher

Set of 18 Posters, 2647-MG1 $69.00

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 Careers in Action Poster Pack 3: "Family and Consumer Sciences"

Apparel Worker, Chef/Cook, Child Care Center Director, Dietician/Nutrtitionist, Elementary/Secondary Teacher, Fashion Buyer, Fashion Store Manager, Financial Planner, Food Scientistk, Hmoe Care Aide/Personal Care Attendant, Hotel/Motel Management, Interior Designer, Product Development Mananger, Public Relations Manager, Waiter/Waitress

Set of 18 Posters, 2655- MG1 $69.00

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Mid-Atlantic Training, 143 William Street, South River NJ 08882 Phone 800-776-8093

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