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Impact of Divorce on the Family - This program examines divorce from different points of view: that of the parents, the children, and the family psychologist. Reasons for divorce are explored, including interviews with families who have experienced a divorce. A family psychologist discusses the particular impact that divorce has on children and the phases that children go through in dealing with it. Also included is information on the positive changes that can take place when a divorce occurs. 16 minutes FDJ25640


I am Your Child - Two-time Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks hosts this in-depth look at what one concerned town does to ensure that its future generations will grow up to he healthy, well-adjusted members of the community. The program uses case studies, as well as information delivered by an all-star lineup of top Hollywood celebrities and prominent Americans. 45 minutes NMPI1V-MG1  


Survival Tips for Teens From Dysfunctional Families - Many of the social problems we are facing today - gangs, drugs, abuse, dropping out -are a direct result of a dysfunctional family environment. This unique program is designed to help. Discover tips and suggestions for recognizing problems and learning how to communicate. This video explores many of these issues while offering specific techniques for coping in a dysfunctional family. N104L922V-MG1  


Are You Ready for Marriage? - Marriage is a decision affecting the rest of your life. Examines reasons for marraige, responsibilities and obligations of marriage and expenses involved. 11 minutes 2616-MG1


Promoting Wholesale Sibling Relationships - As long as there are siblings, there will be conflict. This video explores the underlytng motives for sibling rivalry and presents four steps to handle it effectively: 1) acknowledge and express the conflict; 2) reinforce the positive worth of all participants; 3) re-direct the energies of the conflict into positive channels; and 4) define accepted and expected behavior. 12 minutes FDJ26124


Divorce and the Family - This clear and unemotional look at the reality of divorce is seen through the eyes of Scott and Katie, teens whose parents are divorcing. We go behind the scenes to meet with lawyers and mediators, witness courtroom hearings and work with a psychologist. Divorce changes the world of everyone involved and this video gives an uncomplicated picture of this process. 24 minutes LS185-MG1


Invasion of the Steppeople: Getting along with our Stepfamily - Blended families are very common, but in most cases they mix like oil and water. A child who loses one natural parent to death or divorce, is forced to leave familiar surroundings, and gains a new stepparent/siblings is likely to be extremely angry, sad, or depressed about these changes. This video takes a comic approach to the very real issues which occur in blended families including jealousy, resentment, discipline, and unfavorable comparisons. The video also offers some positive advice for peaceful coexistence between parents and children in stepfamilies. Grades 7-12. 15 minutes FDJ25695


Can I make it on my own? - Learn about the realities of living independently. Bank Accounts, bills, insurance, credit and more. Includes 35 pages of reproduceable activities. 25 minutes. CWP8700-MG1


Adult Living - Using a documentary style approach, this two volume set provides information about the skills necessary for young adults to succeed on their own. Interviews with experts as well as recently independent individuals address employment, housing, finances and interpersonal relationships. 30 minutes 2623-MG1



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