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 Adviser-Advisee Handbook

Everything You Need to Start & Maintain a Successful Program

This book will guide administrators and faculty through the process of setting up an Adviser-Advisee Program (AAP). It's packed with easy to follow instructions for developing the program, suggestions to keep the program vital, and hundreds of activities. Best of all, the program is flexible and can be adapted to suit any school's needs.

Everyone in the school community will gain something from a well-constructed AAP. • Students will develop social skills and confidence. • Students can develop a more personal relationship with one adult in the school. • Advisers will be reinvigorated by the challenges and rewards of the AAP. • Administrators will appreciate the flexibility AAP provides. • Parents will benefit from AAP through the peace of mind they derive from knowing an adult at the school has taken a special interest in their child, and will appreciate the special skills developed through the program. The program doesn't cost much, but the rewards are priceless.

Available in two versions:

The Administrator's Version contains special advice and strategies for administrators only, and the Teacher's Version is exclusively for teachers.

200-page softcover book, with reproducible activities. © 2002

Workbook 03-V18-W


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 E3-Endure, Evolve, Excel Poster Series Dramatic photography highlights this series of posters, emphasizing success, growth and achievement. Ten 18” x 24” posters. © 2002  Poster  03-PS131L-W



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