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 Smokeless Tobacco

This video takes a candid look at what many think is the alternative to smoking. Teenagers turn each year to smokeless tobacco regardless of what parents or doctors tell them. Medical patients with smoking-related illnesses view smokeless tobacco as a way of kicking the smoking habit. This factual program looks at the influence of tobacco in America. It explores the history of “King Tobacco” and how it has survived through economic, medical, governmental, and societal responses. Like alcohol, tobacco was introduced thousands of years ago and still influences children through family, sports, advertising, and now, more than ever, peer pressure.

Interviews with users of smokeless tobacco explain why they use the product and how snuff, dip, or chew have become a part of their lives. Medical professionals look at the carcinogens in tobacco, and explain the addictive and sometimes fatal impact on the human body. Tobacco farmers and business owners explain what the product means to their livelihood and how tobacco is not a crime. Whether it is Mother Nature, government regulation, or medical surveys, tobacco is still a fact of life. 20 minutes. © 2001.



 Tobacco: The Truth Behind the Smoke Screen

Tobacco use in the United States has a long and complex history. Native Americans grew tobacco and used it for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. European settlers began cultivating tobacco commercially, and it soon became a valuable cash crop. The sale of tobacco helped to finance the American Revolution. During World War II, the U.S. government gave every American soldier a tin of cigarettes as a part of their rations. Although the 1950s saw growing concern about the possible ill effects of smoking, it was not until 1964 that the U.S. government published a report linking smoking and cancer.

This video explores the contradictions and complexities of America's dangerous relationship with tobacco. It highlights Surgeon General Koop's campaign for tougher restrictions on the sale and advertisement of tobacco, and recent legal battles between states and tobacco companies. The program also examines why tobacco is so addictive, and offers specific tips on how tobacco users can kick the habit. Key points are reinforced with informative graphics, as well as interviews with medical professionals. This solid presentation helps viewers understand the consequences, past and present, of tobacco use in the United States.

25 minutes. © 2002.



Grass Is Not Always Greener This program provides a history of marijuana, from industrial use to the early social perceptions, and its reputation as the gateway to other illegal drugs. The effects of THC on the human body and society, good and bad, are explored. The discussion covers dependence on marijuana and its medical possibilities. This program presents the facts in a clear, concise manner, allowing the viewer thought-provoking insight into the marijuana controversy. 30 minutes. © 2001.  03-V10-W


 Substance Abuse Poster Series

This series takes a powerful approach to the tough realities surrounding substance abuse.

Six 18” x 24” posters. © 2002.

 poster 03-PS51L-W




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