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Biology Images And Ideas Poster Series Unique and thought-provoking combinations of images and ideas from the world of biology. Beautiful additions to your classroom, lab, or library. Six 18” x 24” posters. © 2002. Poster


Exploring Biology Poster Series Dynamic visuals are supplemented by text defining the various branches of biology, and describing the variety of research and career opportunities in each field. Ten 18” x 24” posters. © Poster


Cells: The Building Blocks of Life

All living things – from bacteria to plants and animals – are made up of the same basic microscopic building blocks, called “cells.” Although there are different types of cells for different specific functions, they have many features in common. This video uses microscope imaging and 3-D animation techniques to illustrate the cellular processes associated with being alive: eating, drinking, breathing and growing.

Many of the basic structures of cells are introduced: the cell membrane, the cytoplasm and the nucleus, noting the cell wall unique to plant cells and the absence of a nucleus in prokaryotic cells. The program looks at plants where the basic life processes are organized at a cellular level, and contrasts them with animals where comparable functions are performed by organs, which are much larger assemblages of cells.

The two key processes – osmosis and diffusion – whereby the cell regulates the passage of substances across its outer membrane are discussed, together with the production of energy from glucose and oxygen through respiration. The video also looks at mitosis – the process of cell growth and division. 20 minutes. © 2001. Grades 7-12.

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