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Aggressive Driving and Road Rage More than 40,000 people are killed and many more injured annually in automobile accidents. A significant number of those deaths and injuries are the result of aggressive driving. This program defines aggressive driving and road rage, and distinguishes between the two. It discusses factors that contribute to aggressive driving and road rage, and details the disastrous consequences of putting others in danger. Most important, the video describes specific steps that can be taken to avoid being victimized by aggressive drivers. Safe driving practices are featured, such as using signals, yielding to faster traffic, avoiding tailgating, and using the vehicle's horn and headlights appropriately. Police Officers discuss how to handle individuals exhibiting signs of road rage, and victims graphically describe the tragic toll in human life and suffering. Individuals convicted of aggressive driving explain the consequences -- serving jail time, losing licenses, paying civil damages, paying much higher insurance premiums, and more. 22 minutes. © 2002. 03-V32-W 89.00  

 Teen Suicide: Finding the Will to Live (Video Series)

This two-part video series helps young people understand suicide, identify warning signs and implement prevention. An ethnically diverse group of suicide survivors and family members of suicide victims participate in an open-forum interview, creating an atmosphere where all involved can openly discuss their experiences and how suicide has affected their lives. Individual interviews with experts in the field of teen suicide complement this discussion group by detailing concrete facts on suicide, detection, action and prevention. A host serves to interface between the group and the experts.

 Understanding Suicide: Why Would Someone Do That? Part One centers around understanding suicide; facts and statistics about teen suicide; why it happens; the myths and fallacies surrounding it; and the ways in which it affects family and friends. 28 minutes. © 2001  03-V15-W


Understanding Suicide: Why Would Someone Do That? Part Two focuses on warning signs and prevention; facts on statistics on what works and what doesn't; how to recognize the signs of suicide; and what to do if you think a friend or a loved one is contemplating ending their life. 35 minutes. © 2001.  03-V15-W


Teen Suicide Series    03-VS14-W  149.00  


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