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 E3-Endure, Evolve, Excel Poster Series Dramatic photography highlights this series of posters, emphasizing success, growth and achievement. Ten 18” x 24” posters. © 2002. Poster  03-PS131L-W


 Work Skills & Habits For Job Success Now that you have the job, how can you be successful? This video offers helpful guidelines and checklists for new employees who want to get off to a solid start in the real world of work. Using a combination of workplace scenarios, interviews with experts, and informative narration, the program provides valuable insight into the development of good work skills and habits. Emphasis is placed on the basics: being on time, having a positive attitude, taking responsibility, being a team player, maintaining a good attendance record, understanding and following rules and procedures, and observing dress and safety codes. Practical tips are given on difficult issues such as office politics, relationships with co-workers, balancing work life and personal life, and dealing with childcare and other family responsibilities. The video addresses the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and demonstrates how good health contributes to success on the job. This is essential viewing for anyone entering the job market, and can also be used as a valuable refresher for more experienced workers. 19 minutes. © 2002.  03-V33-W


 Seizing The Job Interview The job interview can be a difficult, stressful experience for anyone. You can reduce the stress and be more confident by being thoroughly prepared. This informative program covers how to handle the most difficult questions: “What can you tell me about yourself?”; “What are your strengths?”; “What are your weaknesses?”; “Why should we hire you?”; and many more. The video explains how to construct answers that are original, effective, and convincing. Also covers dressing appropriately, researching the company, using the internet, selling yourself, describing your skills, and articulating your accomplishments. A concise overview of all the important things an interviewee can do to make a good impression. 20 minutes. ©    03-V18-W


 Goals Poster Series

This combination of positive images and inspiring messages emphasizes the importance of setting and pursuing goals.

Six 18” x 24” posters. © 2002

 Poster  03-PS71L-W




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