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 Understanding & Coping With Bullies

Bullying hurts. Bullies make people scared, cause anxiety, and disrupt lives. This comprehensive program provides solid advice about how to understand and deal with bullies. Viewers learn the causes and effects of bullying. Why do they do it? What do they stand to gain? Most importantly, viewers learn the things they can do if they are the victim of a bully. They will learn it's NOT their fault; where they can go for help; and what specific steps they can take to stop the abuse. Included are interviews with teen victims, teen bullies, and experts on bullying.

Bullying can take many forms -- name calling, teasing, hitting, humiliating, stealing, and spreading rumors. These are just some of the tactics bullies use to harass their targets. Bullies try to make their victims feel inadequate in some way when, in most cases, it's the bullies who are covering up their own inadequacies. A timely resource providing practical advice that can be used by victims to deal with this troubling issue, or by bullies to gain insight into their behavior. 20 minutes. © 2001.

03-V17-W 89.00  
 Roots of Prejudice & Intolerance This video examines the historical roots of prejudice, the different forms it takes, the psychology behind prejudicial thinking, and the difference between prejudice and intolerance. Viewers are introduced to the meaning of terms such as bigotry, stereotypes, bias, discrimination, and hate crimes. Approximately 25 minutes. © 2002.  03-V41-W


 Overcoming Prejudice & Promoting Tolerance Moving personal stories of persecution and redemption highlight this program. Victims of intolerance describe the challenges of dealing with prejudices based on sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, appearance, physical disability, and other factors. The video presents cases of extreme intolerance as well as more subtle forms of prejudice, and challenges viewers to recognize their own prejudices. Experts offer advice on how to deal with prejudice in oneself and in others, and how people can work to reduce prejudice and promote tolerance. Approximately 25 minutes. © 2002    03-V42-W




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